What is an appropriate tip for your guide?

In most cases, you can follow the same standard you would in many other tipping situations. Guides make a great portion of their salaries from your tips. They work hard to give you the experience of a lifetime. 

Our goal is for your guide to provide everything needed on the trip as a service to you and to allow you to enjoy your trip with minimal preparation.  The customary amount of a tip for guides is at least 20% of the trip.

If you feel as if the guide has not worked hard or put forth the effort to provide a good experience, the first instinct is to not tip at all. Feel free to tip as you see fit. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your guide's performance, please contact a manager or owner. We do not wish for anyone to leave unhappy. 

Can you issue our fishing or hunting license?

Yes. We are licensed as a Wildlife Service Agent to be able to better serve you. We can have the necessary license waiting for you on arrival. We will have to gather some information from you. The information that is commonly on your correct driver's license along with contact information is usually sufficient.