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DB bar D Outfitters is now offering custom tours and rentals with the Polaris Slingshot. North River Adventures is your official Polaris Adventures Outfitter. 

The Polaris Slingshot is one of the best ways to truly experience the mountains of Western North Carolina. The Slingshot is an open air experience that connects you with your destination. The Slingshot seats two people each and can be driven with a normal driver's license. No motorcycle endorsement is necessary. 

Each Slingshot is equipped with the Ride Command system that gives you a personal connection. This system enables you to connect your cell phone with Bluetooth so you can stay connected if you wish. We have uploaded pre-planned ride routes into the system so you can relax on your vacation. 

Route Photo  

Are you considering a hunt or fishing trip while you are on vacation? We can arrange for your guide to pick you up in a Slingshot. 

Do you want a full day of adventure and no stress? Try a Fast n Cast. Enjoy half a day on the water followed by half a day exploring on a Slingshot. 

DB bar D Outfitters is your source for adventures in Western North Carolina.

Visit the North River Adventures website for even more details.