Air Transport


We realize that many of our guests do not have the time to drive long distances. Your need for rapid transportation has led us to secure a method of transportation for you. We have the capability to help you with fixed wing and helicopter air travel. We can arrange a rental car for ground transportation while you are here. Our lodging is only about 15 minutes away from the airport.


Airline Flights

The closest airport to our location is the Asheville Regional Airport. There are several airlines with direct flights to our location. The list of airlines and their departure points are listed here


Helicopter Service

We have contracted a helicopter service to make your trip enjoyable and swift. The service has aircraft based in the Upstate and Lowcountry of South Carolina. The helicopters do have the capability to transport up to six passengers. They are equipped with the technology for a relaxing flight while running your boardroom in the air. The helicopter has the range to reach most large cities in the Southeast. The benefit of this service is the use of a helicopter allows you to bypass the hassle of using the airport. We can fly directly from a safe landing zone to the farm. You can literally leave the office in style and step out of the helicopter streamside with a fly rod in hand. Contact us to schedule a flight or to get a quote. 

We do have a local charter service for planes that we can schedule for you. This would allow you to enjoy the use of a private plane or jet without the expense of owning one. This is a great option to use for small corporate groups. 


Airport Information for Private Planes

Some of our guests prefer to fly their own airplane to the area. Here are several options for private planes to utilize in our area.


Greenville Spartanburg International Airport

Greenville Spartanburg International Airport is about 41 miles away from our farm. The GSP airport is a large airport with any service that you require. The runway is 11,001 feet long to accomodate almost any aircraft. The elevation of the airport is 963 feet. Our helicopter pilots often recommend flying into GSP on an airline and utilizing the helicopter to fly the short distance to Asheville. The telephone number for more information on the airport is 864-877-7426.


Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglast International Airport is a large airport that has many different airlines, lots of direct flights, and many services. CLT is an option for you to fly into and use the helicopter to shuttle you the rest of the way to us bypassing the Asheville Regional Airport. CLT is farther away from us at 95 miles. The flight time via helicopter is still going to be under an hour. The airport has several runways with the longest being 10,000 feet long. The airport can accomodate any private airplane. The elevation of CLT is 747 feet. The telephone number for more information on the airport is 704-336-2241.


 Asheville Regional Airport

The Asheville Regional Airport is our closest airport and has most of the services a pilot would need. AVL has a 7,001 foot long runway. The elevation of the airport is 2,162 feet. The telephone number for more information on the airport is 828-684-2226.


Hendersonville Airport 

The Hendersonville Airport is near the Hendersonville, Flat Rock, and Laurel Park areas of Henderson County. The airport has a 3,075 foot long runway. The airport elevation is 2,084 feet. The telephone number for more information on the airport is 828-693-1897.