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It is that time of the year when the little green inchworms start to show up in trees or on your clothes as you walk to the trout stream here in Western North Carolina.  I noticed a few inchworms on my shirt around the farm in Mills River, NC when weed-eating and on the hike into a brook trout stream to fly fish a few weeks ago. 

Around DB bar D’s private access water on the farm in Mills River, North Carolina, we have a population of rainbows and browns that can be tricky at times when they are keying in on a particular aquatic insect—This makes fly choice and presentation important to success on a guided trip with clients and for our Annual Members.  We pride ourselves on a fishery that is fun and challenging at times.

One fly that comes to mind that is a producer on those tough farm fishing days is The Slumpbuster.  Most fly fishing enthusiast are familiar with this fly and how it has a life-like motion in the water due the zonker strip body and collar.  As the name of the fly suggests, this fly can often be the fly that will break your slump to get fish in the net. 

A working farm and an outfitter are typically not synonymous activities on a single property in the Eastern United States.  North River Farms (NRF) and DB bar D Outfitters are two businesses that operate in unison on a working farm in Mills River, North Carolina to achieve a common goal: the education, preservation and conservation of farming, wildlife, and natural resources.  


As a fly fishing guide, two of the most common questions I am asked are, “How do you pick out flies to fish?” and “What fly should I use during [insert a month/time of year]?”

The answers to those two questions could be loaded with countless thoughts, theories, and personal preferences.  With all of the facets that revolve around fly choice, no matter where you are in the United States or around the globe, there would be follow up questions from the one answering to answer the initial question. But as complicated as us fly fishers can be, when it comes to fly choice and entomology to fool trout in WNC, it can also be pretty simple.

Wingshooting on the Farm

The end of quail season is almost here. The beginning of April closes quail hunting until October. We had a great time this past season and made many friends. 

Let us know soon when you would to book again. We will be booking hunts beginning October 15. 

A few of you mentioned having reserved days for a corporate or business interest. Please let us know soon as we only have so many group packages.